ECOM | Age Checker - Greenline POS

How to integrate with Age Checker for Greenline POS

The Age Checker does not work with omni deliveries active. By default, stores don’t have omni deliveries active, so no need to do anything.

1. Set Up Your Age Checker Account

To begin, please visit and sign up for an Age Checker account. The Age Checker team will assist you in this essential setup phase, which is a prerequisite for successful integration.

Next, add your domain to Age Checker by going to the sites tab and clicking the "+add site" button. Once you have entered your domain, you will be given an API Key and an "Account Secret" key. These will be used later to integrate Age Checker into your BLAZE ECOM account.

2. Configure Your Age Checker Settings

Please ensure that you have the appropriate settings in place on your age checker account for accurate ID verification.

    1. Navigate to the "Sites" tab

    2. Scroll down and set your Canada custom settings to the following:

      1. Canada: 18+ (indicating the age a person will need to be to view the uncensored website)

      2. Require ID: "One Time" from "Website/API Key"

    3. Click the "Add Province" button and select Alberta then set your custom settings to the following:

      1. Alberta: 18+

      2. Require ID: "One Time" from "Website/API Key"

    4. Save your settings

Note: you can choose the option to have the customer take a selfie with their ID and collect an e-signature for extra verification.

3. Connect Your Age Checker Account in BLAZE ECOM

Note: If you are using the BLAZE ECOM Lite plan then please reach out to your onboarding coach at and provide them with your API Keys and Client Secret Keys from Age Checker.

    1. Log in to your BLAZE ECOM Mission Control (credentials will be created for you by your onboarding specialist)

    2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Age Checker

    3. Click Connect

    4. Add the Age Checker credentials (API Key and Account Secret Key) that you received after entering your domain on Age Checker

      Note: the Account Secret Key can be entered in the Web Template Key section

    5. After you have enabled the integration, navigate back to Settings > Store Configuration

    6. Change Identity Verification Service setting to Age Checker (see image below)


Your Customer's Age Checker Flow

As per AGLC rules, customers must be age verified before they can see your uncensored online menu. Unverified customers will be able to see a censored menu where the product images and THC/CBD values are blurred. Unverified accounts can place orders for pick-up but will not be able to pay for the product online.

When your customers navigate to your website, they will be prompted with the Age Checker pop-up.

From here, the customer will determine if they want to:

  1. Verify their identity and create an account. This will require them to upload their ID

  2. Log in to an existing account where the verification process has already occurred

  3. Skip the verification process and view a censored version of the menu

    Customer Chooses to Verify Their Identity

    1. The customer will enter the necessary information and click Continue to Verification

    2. A verification screen will pop up and the customer will be directed through the age verification process by clicking continue

    3. The customer will then enter their date of birth

    4. Next the customer will need to enter their name and address information

    5. The customer will then be given the option to either upload a picture of their identification, take a picture with the current device they are using (ex: laptop webcam) or receive an SMS text message with instructions and a link to upload their identification

    6. Once the ID photo is verified the customer will be able to set a password for their account through a verification email and begin using the uncensored menu

      1. If the ID photo is not verified, the customer will be denied and only able to view the censored menu


    Customer Has Already Verified Their Identity

    If the customer has already verified their identity and created a profile, they just need to log in to view the uncensored menu. They can do so by clicking the log in button.



    Customer Chooses to Not Verify Their Identity

    Customers are not required to go through the verification process. To avoid the verification process and view the censored menu, they can simply exit the ID verification pop-up.