Distro | Receive Metrc Transfer

Receive Metrc Transfers is located under the Compliance section on the left-hand side of your dashboard menu. Here you can "Create a Purchase Order" from pending Metrc transfers.  First, you will need to receive the Transfer Manifest in your Metrc account in order to sync to BLAZE.

Create a Purchase Order

1. Metrc > Receive transfer manifest in your Metrc account.  

2. BLAZE > Compliance > Receive Metrc Transfer tab.

3. Pending Transfers dropdown: Select Transfer Manifest.

4. Vendor & License dropdown: Select associated Vendor.
    *Packages should be filtered below to reflect the Manifest selected. 

5. Check the box(es) to the left of the product column you wish to create a PO with. 

6. Click Create PO.

7. Fill out all the information in the PO fields. 

8. Add product associated with the package tag for each line.

9. Enter the harvest and expiration date. 

10. Click Receive Purchase Order when finalizing the PO. 

NOTE: After you have created your Purchase Order, you can go to your Active PO's and locate your newly created PO. This will also create a Shipment Bill to add payments under your Bills section. 


Each product will have the option to be Received. This option allows you to intake a single package, but you will not be able to create a PO after received. 

1. Click Receive.

2. Enter all information regarding this package item.

3. Click Save when finalized.