Grow | Propagation Batch Overview and Options (note, images, trash/destroy)

Propagation is the first part of the growing process. This is the initial propagation batch (also known as planting or plant group in Metrc).

Typically in a cultivation all plants will begin at this phase and then move through the growing lifecycle of Vegetation, Flowering, and eventually Harvest. 

Creating Plantings

To create a new planting (from seed, clone, or mother), please view this article

Viewing Planting/Batch Details

To view the Planting's specific information, hover over the desired planting/batch. The following information will be displayed:

  • Batch: Internal BLAZE identifier for the group of plants in the planting/batch
  • Strain: The strain that is used for the planting/batch
  • Group: Optional, can be used across multiple plantings for common actions (+ = add group)
  • Plants: The number of plants in the planting/batch
  • Days Remaining: Based on the pot size and the flowering strain
  • Survival Rate: Rate of survival determined by how many plants are trashed vs alive
  • Cultivation area: The cultivation area that the planting/batch is planted
  • Zone: The zone that the planting/batch is planted in
  • Subzone: The subzone that the planting/batch is planted in
  • State License: The state license that is applied to the planting/batch
  • Total Age: This is based on the plant's birthdate and the current date


Editing a Planting/Batch

To edit a Planting, click the small 3 dots. The following options will appear:

  • Move to Vegetation: This moves the planting to the next stage in the growing process
  • Split Plants
    • Enter the quantity to split
    • Enter the Metrc tag, if applicable
    • Click the Split Plant button
  • Change Location
    • Select the Cultivation Area
    • Select the Zone
    • Select the Sub Zone
    • Enter the Metrc tag, if applicable
    • Click the green Change Location button
  • Add Note
    • Click the green + Add Note button
    • Enter Notes
    • Click the green Save Note button
  • Add Image
    • Click the green + Add Image button
    • Enter image by either clicking the grey box or dragging the image into the grey box
    • Click the green Upload Image button
  • Trash Plants: This affects the survival rate
    • Enter the number of plants to trash
    • Enter Trash Notes
    • Click the green Trash Plants button
  • Delete: This kills the whole planting/batch
    • Enter Deletion Note
    • Click the red Ok button
  • History: This logs any changes made to the planting/batch
    • New value: The change that was made
    • User: The user that implemented the change
    • Date / Time: The date and time the change was made


To read about the next stage in the growing process, Vegetation, click here