Grow | Understanding timing with Pots and Strains

BLAZE Grow watches your operation at multiple stages so you can keep an eye on what comes next.

Key areas in which timing is applied are through the use of Pots, Strains, and Dry Rooms. Below are the phases that have timers applied and how they are calculated:

Propagation - Countdown timer based on the "Time Frame" set on the Pot.
Vegetation - Countdown timer based on the "Time Frame" set on the Pot.
Flowering - Countdown timer based on the "Flower Period" set within a Strain.
Drying - Countdown timer based on the Dry Rooms Time Period set within Zones/Rooms setting.
You can view the days remaining in each batch by hovering over the center of the tile with your mouse. 
Below are the areas where you set the timings. 


In BLAZE, anything you grow a live plant in is considered a pot, this includes (but is not limited to): clone trays, pots, rockwool cubes, hydroponic, and even field planted. 
Pots are created in Grow Operations under Grow-->Pots
When you create a new pot it will ask you for a "Time Frame." Use this field to enter the average number of days your plants will remain in the specific pot while in propagation or vegetation phases. 
Some examples:
  • If your new cuttings are placed in a 100-count rockwool clone tray and remain there for 21 days before they are transplanted, then you will put 21 in the Time Frame Field. 
  • You transplant to a 6-inch Rockwool cube where the plants will remain in veg for 29 days, you will put 29 in the Time Frame Field for your 4-inch Rockwool cube. 
  • You transplant through multiple pots such as 4-inch, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon with each period of about 14 days. In this case for each of these pots you can enter a Time Frame of 14 days. 
  • You transplant to a field where your plants are going to remain in veg for 52 days prior to flipping them to flower. In this case you could create a pot named Ground Planted or Field with a time period of 52 days. 
  • If you need pots with multiple timings, such as Ground Planted, you can create a pot for Ground Planted (52) and another for Ground Planted (36) to have two different time periods of 52 and 36 days you can use when you transplant. 



As each strain could have a different flower period, this setting is managed within Strains under Grow-->Strains. When creating or editing a strain set the "Flower Period" to the number of days that your plant will take to mature with the start being the moment you move the plant to the flowering phase. If your plant takes 53 days to mature from start of flowering to harvest, then you will enter 53 in the Flower Period Field. 


Dry Rooms

 The amount of time your biomass spends drying is critical to a well finished product. As such, you are able to set the time period that your product will spend in a given dry room. Since the effeciency of a dry room varies, this parameter is set per Room.
To set this go to Grow-->Rooms:
  1. Create or edit the Room desired
  2. Check the Dryroom checkbox
  3. Set the Average Dry Time in Days
  4. Click Save