GROW | What to do when take cuttings fails mid-process (California)

In California, Metrc does not have the concept of plants in a Vegetative state. They go directly from Immature to Flowering. As such, there are special steps we must take in order to take cuttings from our veg plants (which are immature to Metrc). 
The process involves first taking cuttings from a planting and creating a package from them. 

Next, you use that package as a source to create a new planting. 

BLAZE performs both of these actions for you realtime. However, if after creating the package, BLAZE is unable to create the planting in Metrc, you will be stuck in a bit of a limbo that you must correct.

This situation can happen if an invalid plant tag is entered into BLAZE or if Metrc sends us invalid data. 

If you received an error while taking your cuttings from immature plants, there is a good chance the package has been created in Metrc. We don't want to leave this extra package, we want to import it and finish the process we started. 

  1. In BLAZE Grow Ops, navigate to Metrc-->Packages
  2. Once the screen populates (this could take a few seconds as we are querying Metrc directly)
    Click the column header for Package Date
  3. Locate the recently created Clone Cutting Package of the quantity you attempted to create
  4. Hit Import and continue the process to create your new propagation batch

The package will be consumed and your new planting created on the board. That is all there is to it!