Import Metrc Plant and Package Tags

Need to mass import Metrc tags into BLAZE? This article is for you! Follow along below to see how to import Metrc Plant and Package tags.

BLAZE Grow allows Metrc tags to be imported so they can then be made available for consumption in different Metrc tag fields throughout the application. Examples are when creating packages or tagging plants. 

First we can decide if we need to reset our BLAZE tag list, then we will need to export a current list of tags from Metrc, finally we will import that list into BLAZE. 

Reset BLAZE Tag List

If ever you run into an issue where the tag list is out of sync (damaged/lost tags/etc), you can perform a reset, and import a fresh list of tags.

To perform a reset, just click the "Reset Tags" button on the Available Tags Screen within Grow Sales.


Each time you receive new tags, you can go into BLAZE and perform a reset on the Available tags screen and then perform the steps above to import your new list and keep your tags in BLAZE in sync with those in Metrc. 

Export Tags from Metrc

  1. First, go into Metrc 
  2. Click on the Menu for Admin and select Tags
  3. Click on the Available Tab
  4. Click the Printer icon and choose print to Excel Screen_Shot_2021-07-09_at_9.16.53_AM.pngto Excel

Import Tag List into BLAZE

  1. Navigate to Grow Sales
  2. Open the Compliance Menu and select Available Metrc Tags
  3. Click the Import Tags tab
  4. Click the Import button
  5. Point to the file you downloaded from Metrc
  6. Your import will begin, depending on the size of your tag list this may take a few seconds to ingest. 

Now your tags are available for use throughout the Grow Sales and Grow Ops application.