Retail | BioTrack Pending Transactions

Once a shop is set up with BioTrack, BLAZE® Retail will sync information to the state traceability system. There are 4 sections in BLAZE® Retail to verify synchronizations were successful and get more details.

  1. BioTrack Task Manager
  2. BioTrack Sales
  3. Compliance Sync Jobs
  4. Pending Transactions

Here, we'll walk through BioTrack Pending Transactions. 

NOTE: Sales Transactions will automatically sync with BioTrack. However, its important to review the BioTrack Pending Transaction to confirm all syncs were completed successfully. 

1. From BLAZE® Retail, navigate to Compliance, then click BioTrack Pending Transactions

2. From here, the table will show any errors that have occurred and the recommended fix.

BioTrack Pending Transactions 1

3. Once you are ready to attempt to sync, select the individual rows or all rows and click ResubmitNOTE: A resubmit will not occur automatically, you must manually resubmit the sync until successful. 

BioTrack Pending Transactions 2