Retail | BLAZEPAY Tips Reconciliation


This SOP will guide you through the process of gathering the total tips per employee for the week. 

NOTE: This guide can also be used for daily, monthly, quarterly, or any other date range by changing your selection in step 3 below.

The Report

For BLAZEPAY Tip tracking we recommend use of the BLAZEPAY Report. A support article detailing the report’s use and all of its fields can be found HERE

Navigate to the Data Export section of the BLAZE webapp.

  • Select the Transaction category of reports, and click on the BLAZEPAY Report

  • Using the options at the top of the screen select the date range you want to see, and once you are happy with your selection click DOWNLOAD to get a copy of the report.

  • Load the downloaded report into excel or google sheets and you should have something that looks like this:

Sorting the Data

Now that we have our report, its time to filter it to get the information we need. Columns that are of importance for this section are:

  • Tip - Column M
  • Employee Name - Column Q

First we want to create a pivot table in a new sheet. In google sheets we would first select the entire data set (Ctrl + A) and then click Insert > Pivot Table > New Sheet

Navigate to the new sheet at the bottom of the document and you should see
something like this:

With our pivot table created we simply need to set the rows and values. On the right side of the screen you will see ‘Add’ buttons next to Rows and Values. We want to set the rows to Column Q (Employee Name from the original sheet) and the values to Column M (Tip amount from the original sheet).

This will give us a table that has 1 line per employee, with a total tip value for the date range you set.

Additional Resources

The above SOP covers Tip reporting by employee, but we have an additional collection of SOPs and support articles you can find HERE

If you feel that your questions are not answered by our selection of articles and documents, please contact the payments support team at we will be happy to assist you with your question, and would love to hear about what you feel was missing from the article.