Retail | Creating Membership Groups in BLAZE Web POS Overview

How to create Membership Groups in BLAZE Web POS. Membership Groups are created in your shops Global Settings and may be used in BLAZE to specifically categorize members in whichever way best suites your retail facility.

 Once created, when inputting new members into your retail app, either on the Web or iOS versions, you will then be able to choose which MembershipGroup best aligns with each specific member.


Step 1: Once signed into BLAZE go to > Global Settings
Step 2: Next click into > Company Settings
Step 3: Click into > Membership 
  • Once you have made it to Memberships click the > Add Member Group button to enter the appropriate info
  • You also will be able to edit an existing member group here as well
    • To do so click on > Edit and then choose whichever preferences you would like to be applied to this specific Membership Group for example:
  • Default - This is where a new member will automatically be assigned when being created in your POS system
  • Name - This will be the name you assign to your specific Membership Group being created
  • Active - This will allow you to control if the group will be active or inactive
  • Enable Promotion - Here you will have the ability to enable the groups settings to be run as a promotion that can be applied to any members cart, or be strictly available to only the members of this specific group 
  • Discount Type - Here you will be able to set the groups discount type to Cash or Percentage 
  • Amounts - Lastly here you can adjust the amount of the discount being implemented for the group

With these distinct settings in your MembershipGroups you can ensure that all of your members are being taken care of exactly how you intended.

  • If you are looking for more information on how to update Membership Group status of existing members, please take a look at our articles for Web and iOS versions of the POS app.