Retail | Deleting Duplicate Items on Weedmaps

Seeing multiples of the same item on your Weedmaps Menu? This is the article for you! Follow along with the steps below to delete a duplicate item on Weedmaps.

1. Navigate to Weedmapslogin, and click the icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

2. Click on Manage My Business

3. Click Action. A dropdown will appear, click Menu Items.

4. Click the bolded Name column. 

5. Check all the older duplicated products on the current page. 

6. Navigate to Edit multiple items, click the dropdown, and select "Un-publish Product."

7. Click the red Submit button. 

8. If applicable, navigate to the next page and repeat steps 5-7 as necessary. 

9. Navigate to your Weedmaps menu to see the changes made.