Retail | Discount Used Report

The Discount Used report displays all transactions for the selected date range, that included discounts.

In order to optimize our reporting, reports over a 2 week period will no longer be shown in our UI. Any reports over a 2 week period will be auto-generated and sent to the email you are logged in with.
  • To access these generated reports in BLAZE, navigate to Data Export > Generated, you will find a list of generated reports you can easily download.


The All Sales report can be accessed by navigating to Data Export > Transaction. It will be located on the list of reports.


The following is a list of all the types of data you will get in this report, and what they all mean. 

  • Trans Num: Transaction ID - This is the unique ID for each transaction generated in BLAZE. A transaction can be a Sale, Refund, Reconciliation, or a Transfer.
  • Member: Full name of the member on the transaction.
  • Employee: The employee who processed the transaction.
  • Total Discounts: Total of all the discounts on the transaction.
  • After Tax Discount: Total of discounts added after taxes have been applied.
  • Gross Receipt: Gross receipts are the sum total of all of your sales including taxes and fees, but not including discounts (Sales + Taxes + Fees - Discounts = Gross Receipt).