Retail | How to Create and Use a WooCommerce Service Fee

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating and using a WooCommerce Service Fee

Available on our BLAZE WooCommerce Plugin version 2.0.96.

  1. WooCommerce Service Fees are applicable ONLY to pick-up orders
  2. The Fee must be created as a product, ensure it is Tax Exempt, Non-Cannabis, and is ineligible for discounts
  3. Inventory will need to be added for the Fee product and transferred to applicable Inventories
  4. In WooCommerce, the service fee will need to be added

Follow along below for a step-by-step walkthrough on creating a WooCommerce Service Fee and see how it is used

Create the WooCommerce Service Fee

1. Create a Vendor with a Non-Arms Length Entity Relationship

  • Navigate to Vendors 
  • Click the Add Vendor button
  • Name: (Your Shop Name)
  • Entity Relationship: Non-Arms Length
  • Click the Save button

2. Create a Fee category (optional)

  • Navigate to Inventory > Manage Categories 
  • Ensure the category is "Active" by checking the box under Active
  • Category Name: Fees
  • Category Type: Non-Cannabis
  • Metrc Category: Not Assigned
  • Cannabis Type: Non-Cannabis
  • Category Unit: Units
  • When done, click the blue "+" button

If you do NOT wish to create a Fee Category, create the Fee product under another Non-Cannabis Category

3. Once the Category has been created, it's time to create the WooCommerce Fee product

  • Navigate to Inventory > Fees
  • NOTE: If you opted NOT to create a Fee category, navigate to the appropriate category
  • Click the Add Product button 

 Add the following mandatory information:

  • Product Name: The name of this product will be listed as the name of the fee in WooCommerce
  • Status: Active
  • Retail Value: Amount Members will be charged
  • Vendor: The Vendor created in Step 1
  • Sell Type: Both
  • Enable setting "Item ineligible for discount"

Optional, but helpful information to fill out includes:

  • Product Description
  • Uploading an Image

When satisfied with your modifications, click the Save button at the bottom of the page

4. Make product tax exempt

  • Within the Product Profile, navigate to the Taxes tab
  • Click the Edit button
  • Change the Tax Type to Exempt
  • Click the Save button 

5. Now that you've created this product, we need to add inventory to its stock, so it can be applied to customers' WooCommerce carts

NOTE: The stock will need to be replenished every time its quantity reaches 0

  • Within the Product Profile, navigate to the Batches tab
  • Click the Add Batch button 
  • Enter the Purchase Date 
  • Enter the Quantity 
  • Click the Save button 
  • Click the Refresh Inventory button 

6. Add this Fee Product to applicable Inventories via Inventory Transfer

7. Copy the Product ID and paste it in the BLAZE WooCommerce plugin settings

  • Navigate to Inventory > Fees
  • NOTE: If you opted NOT to create a Fee category, navigate to the appropriate category
  • Click into the WooCommerce Service Fee product
  • In the URL, copy the string of digits and characters after the last forward slash
  • In WooCommerce, navigate to the BLAZE WooCommerce plugin settings
  • Paste the copied Product ID in the Convenience Fee field


Use the WooCommerce Service Fee

When pick-up orders are placed on your WooCommerce based online store, the WooCommerce Service Fee will be applied automatically to the order, as shown below. The name of the WooCommerce Service Fee will be the name of the fee. 

image (23)