Retail | How to Set Up the BLAZE x WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that is one method for pulling your inventory into web site / online store so you can display and sell your inventory online.

This is a paid add-on feature, if you would like it enabled for your account, please contact BLAZE sales at or 415-964-5689.


1. Install the WooCommerce Plugin in WP Plugins

2. Search for BLAZE Retail WooCommerce in WP Plugins 

3. Enable the Online Store and copy Online Store Code in BLAZE

4. Add BLAZE API Key (Online Store Code) and edit settings in WooCommerce plugin

5. Re-sync store products

6. Check List of Synced Products

7. Import Existing Woo Users to BLAZE 

8. Set Webhook URL in BLAZE (optional)

9. Enable the Use of Reward Points on Cart Page (optional)

10. Update Theming (optional)

11. WooCommerce FAQ

1. Install the WooCommerce Plugin in WP Plugins

  • Open WordPress > Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Search WooCommerce > Click Install Now > Activate the plugin

Step 1

2. Install the BLAZE Retail WooCommerce in WP Plugins 

  • Open WordPress > Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Search for BLAZE Retail Woocommerce > Click Install > Click Install Now > Activate the plugin

step 2

3. Enable the Online Store and copy Online Store Code in BLAZE

To connect WooCommerce to your BLAZE shop, you will need an Online Store Code (API Key). 

  • Open BLAZE > Navigate to Global Settings > Current Shop Settings > Online Store 
  • Click the Edit button and enable the Online Store.
  • Copy the Online Store Code (This is your API key)
  • Click the Save Button.

step 4

4. Add BLAZE API Key (Online Store Code) and edit settings in WooCommerce plugin

  • Open WooCommerce > Settings > Click on General Tab > Scroll Down to BLAZE Integration > API Key.
  • Enter your BLAZE API key (Online Store Code) here and save it.
    • When you are done with this, the system will start syncing the products from the BLAZE database to the WooCommerce database.
    • Please wait for few minutes to get the sync process completed.
Modify the following settings to customize your shop:
  • Settings for unit type products: If this value is selected as “Dropdown,” it will show a dropdown of available options on the frontend. If this value is selected as “Quantity” then it will show a normal quantity box.
  • Show delivery date and time on checkout page: This setting displays a DateTime picker on the WooCommerce checkout page so a user can set a delivery date and time. This is the default design and you can override the CSS in your WP CSS files.
  • Want to receive user registration data on admin email: This setting helps to receive user registration data on the Admin emails. If enabled, the WooCommerce Admin will get an email with the new user’s registration data.
  • Display Reward field on cart page: If this is enabled and the user is accepted as a member, BLAZE shows the Reward Points field on the cart page to let the user use a “Reward” name and claim the loyalty points.
  • NOTE: For existing members in WooCommerce, they need to place an order and it needs to be accepted from the BLAZE admin to update their membership status in WooCommerce using the new webhook shared in the Webhooks section.
    • Display Payments options on cart page: If enabled, payment options will display when checking out their cart. 
    • Display address fields on registration page: If enabled, address fields will display for the user to fill out when registering.

  • Set the following currency options (These affect how prices are displayed on the frontend):
    • Currency: United States (US) dollar ($) or Canadian dollar ($)
    • Currency Position: Typically set to the left
    • Thousand separator: Typically set to ","
    • Decimal separator: Typically set to "."
    • Number of Decimals: Typically set to "2"

5. Re-sync store products

  • Word Press Admin >WooCommerce > Settings > BLAZE Integration > Click Resync 

step 11

NOTE: This link will delete all the products and CUSTOM FIELDS ADDED TO PRODUCT from WooCommerce and download them again. Use this option when you are sure to download the products again. 

The auto-update of products happens every single hour.

6. Check List of synced products

  • Word Press Admin > Products > All Products

step 8

7. Import Existing Woo Users to BLAZE

NOTE:  You can run the import to add any new members at any time. Existing members are skipped and not duplicated.

  • Word Press Admin > Products > Settings > BLAZE Integration > Click here to import

step 9

THIS IS MANDATORY. This link lets you import existing woo users to BLAZE. After importing all the WooCommerce users (with user type = customer) to BLAZE, you will have to send a Reset Password email to all the existing woo users so they can reset their password to use Woo and BLAZE, both.

You can any of these following plugins to send bulk “Reset Password Email” to woo users.

8. Set Webhook URL in BLAZE (Optional)

  • BLAZE > Global Settings > Integration Settings > Webhook Management > Enter webhook URL in “Update Consumer Order

Update Order Webhook 

This helps to update the WooCommerce order status when an Admin updates an order in BLAZE.

  • With HTTP: http:///wp-content/plugins/blaze-retail-woocommerce/orderstatusupdate.php 


  • With HTTPS: https:///wp-content/plugins/blaze-retail-woocommerce/orderstatusupdate.php 

Update Member Webhook

This webhook works when a consumer places an order from the WooCommerce site and the Admin accepts the order. This webhook updates the status of the consumer as a member on the Woocommerce site and then members can see the rewards field on cart page to use rewards to claim their loyalty points.

  • With HTTP: http:///wp-content/plugins/blaze-retail-woocommerce/new-consumer-order.php 


  • With HTTPS: https:///wp-content/plugins/blaze-retail-woocommerce/new-consumer-order.php 

Update Product Webhook 

This webhook helps to update product data instantly on WooCommerce when the product gets updated in BLAZE.

  • With HTTP: http:///wp-content/plugins/blaze-retail-woocommerce/productupdate.php


  • With HTTPS: https:///wp-content/plugins/blaze-retail-woocommerce/productupdate.php 

9. Enable the use of Reward Points on Cart Page (Optional)

  • Word Press Admin > Settings > BLAZE Integration > Enable Display Reward field on cart page

10. Update Theming (Optional)

  • Word Press Admin > Dashboard > Customize Your Site > Homepage Settings > Select "A static page" > Select your menu > Save
  • Word Press Admin > Appearance > Themes > Select a theme 

11. WooCommerce FAQs

Please check out our WooCommerce FAQs for any additional troubleshooting or guidance.