Retail | Massachusetts (MA) Calculation Option for Concentrates

Currently, in Massachusetts, the purchase limitation and the possession limitation are conflicting regulations.

The sales limitation regulation states that the dispensary can not sell more than 5 g of active THC contained in concentrate/tinctures, whereas the possession limits state that an adult may not have more than 5 g in net weight of concentrate/tinctures on their personal at one time. 

To satisfy our MA retailers that would also like to abide by the possession laws, ensuring your customers are protected from illicit actions, we offer the option for your dispensary to choose which regulation they want to follow. 

By default, in Massachusetts shops, this setting will be disabled. When the setting is off BLAZE will calculate customer limitations using the purchase limit. If you want BLAZE to calculate the limits for your customers based on the possession limit please follow the steps below. 

NOTE:  Click on this link to see how to set up the purchase limits for Massachusetts.

  • Navigate to Global Settings > Current Shop Settings


  • Click the "EDIT" button on the top right of the page
  • Scroll down to Enable Limit On Net Weight setting and flip the toggle switch to On
  • Go back to the top right of the page and click "SAVE"