Retail | Metrc Sales Receipts Finalization

Here we will walk through how to finalize sales receipts in Metrc to improve performance.

While not a requirement, the Metrc system faces severe issues affecting both Web Interface & API performance when Sales Receipts are not manually “finalized” within the Metrc Web Interface. We believe this finalization results in a type of archiving that removes them from the active data set. 

By Finalizing your Sales Receipts, the transactions will be moved from the active data set and allow Metrc to respond faster. This is a manual process that can ONLY be completed utilizing the Metrc Web Interface. 

Finalize Metrc Sales Receipts

1. Log into your Metrc account.

2. Select the "Sales" tab.

3. Select the "Active" tab

5. Highlight each sales receipt line to then select the "Finalize" button to move the sales receipt to the inactive section. 

NOTE: Once a receipt has been finalized, no further edits can be made unless you go to the "Inactive" tab in sales and select "Unfinalize" per each sales receipt to move the receipt back to active. (See Unfinalize Metrc Sales Receipts below)



1. Log into your Metrc account. 

2. Go to the "Sales" tab.

3. Select the "Inactive" tab.

4. Highlight by selecting each sales receipt line then select "Unfinilaze" to move the receipt back to the Active tab where you can make edits to the receipt.