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This article will walk you through the different options in the Reset To Safe button in Transfer Inventory V1 & V2

Reset To Safe is a way to move all of the product quantities that is currently in one or multiple Inventories to another Inventory, not just Safe. This option is useful when transferring a delivery driver's inventory back to the Safe or a Sellable inventory at the end of their shift. 

NOTE: When selecting products to transfer, all of the product's quantity will be moved to the inventory specified. If you only want to move a specified quantity of a product, then use the Create Transfer option.


Reset To Safe

View Transfer History


Reset To Safe

1.  BLAZE Retail > Inventory > Transfer Inventory V1 or V2

2.  Click on the RESET TO SAFE button

  • Status:  select All, Active, or Inactive products
  • From Inventory/s: select one or more inventories to transfer products away from.
  • To Inventory:  select the inventory to transfer the inventory to
  • Search:  you can search for specific products to select by checking the box next to the name
  • Or Check the box at the top of the column next to Name to select all products in this/these inventory/s

TIP:  Scroll to the right in the product list to see the Inventory and Stock Remaining for each product.

  • Click Submit


View Transfer History

NOTE:  When transferring products from multiple inventory rooms, a separate inventory transfer will be created.


1.  BLAZE Retail > Inventory > Transfer Inventory V1 or V2 > Transfer History

2.  Enter the Start and End date for the Transfer

3.  Notice that individual transfers were created for each Inventory selected.