Retail | Adding a Batch of Inventory to a Product

Whether you're a Metrc-complaint shop or not, using the "Add Batch" feature lets you add inventory to a product.

 Here's how to do so, also demonstrated in the video below:

  • Select the product by clicking Inventory on the sidebar, then -> Categories -> All -> searching by product name in the search bar.
  • Once you're viewing that product's profile, click the 'Batches' button, then 'Add Batch.'
  • You're required to enter the quantity purchased, the purchase / receive date, and the total price that was paid for it. Once that's entered, the system will display the unit cost.
  • You can additional information, including Harvest Date, PO Number, Vendor, and testing info.
  • Click 'Save' to add the batch. By default, all batches are added to the inventory "Safe."

If you're a Metrc-compliant shop, you can add a METRC label that will enable automatically tracking the inventory of the batch. This is beneficial because it reduces human error and allows a degree of automation for tracking products. See below for how to add a Metrc label to a batch!


NOTE: The Unit Cost will reset to zero after changing the tracking system option - be sure to note what the Unit Cost is, to re-input into the field after switching it over to Metrc.

  • While in the 'Batches' area of the product in question, click on the batch that you want to modify.
  • Change the tracking system option from Manual to Metrc.
  • If the batch already has a Batch ID that matches the Metrc, select the Batch ID and copy it to the Metrc tracking label field. Otherwise, input the Metrc tracking label manually in the field.
  • Click Get Quantity to update the inventory via Metrc tracking label.
  • Re-input the recorded Unit Cost from step 3 and Save.