Retail | Setting up Your Online Store

BLAZE offers the ability to set up online store on your website - we also refer to this as the online store widget. See setup instructions below:

1. Navigate to Global Settings. Within the Current Shop Settings section on the left-hand side, click on the Online Store tab. 

2. Click the blue Edit button, then set Enable Online Store to Enable.

3. Click the blue Generate button and then the blue View button. 

4. Copy the lines of code.

5. Go back to your new Shop web page and paste the code into your website editor. Save and publish.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to do this, please reach out to your site's support team. Tell them you need to add a javascript snippet to a web page.

  • ENABLE ONLINE POS: This setting determines whether or not you allow orders to be placed online. If this setting is ON, you are allowing customers to place orders on your web store. If this setting is OFF, you can display your inventory/menu but will not allow customers to place orders online.
  • PICK-UP METHOD: Store Pick-Up or Delivery. If you choose to enable the Online POS, make sure to turn on the appropriate pickup method for your customers. You can give them one or both options, depending on what you offer.
  • CART MINIMUM: If you require a minimum dollar amount to place an online order, indicate the amount here.
  • DEFAULT ORDER ETA: Enter your average order time here. This is not a required section if you do not wish to use it. If you enter a default order ETA/wait time, this will appear immediately after the order is placed.
  • ACCOUNT SETUP PAGE 1 MESSAGE TITLE: The title/header that displays at the top of your account creation screen (optional). Example text: Welcome to ABC Dispensary!
  • SUPPORT EMAIL: Enter your support or contact email here.
  • DEFAULT ORDER ETA: Enter your support or contact email here.
  • ACCOUNT SUBMISSION SUCCESS MESSAGE: The message that displays immediately after the customer successfully completes and submits the account creation form.
  • ENABLE AREA RESTRICTIONS: This setting allows you to control where online orders are placed. If the setting is OFF, online orders can be placed from any zip code. If you turn the setting ON, you will need to enter the available zip codes that you service. Enter the zip codes separated by commas (example: 94104, 94105, 94106).