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DispatchPro Orders Section

Orders Section

DispatchPro Orders Section 1


DispatchPro Orders Section 2

  1. Today: Orders (transactions) whose delivery date is from the past to today
  2. Search: Search by any field in the order
  3. Bulk Edit: perform an update on multiple orders at a time

DispatchPro Orders Section 3

      4. Filter:  by Status or by Queue

DispatchPro Orders Section 4


  • The draft orders are temporary orders that are held until accepted or deleted.

NOTE:  These orders will be deleted after the time specified in the shop's configuration if they are not accepted.


  • Orders whose delivery dates are from tomorrow forward


  • Orders that have been completed.  By default, today's completed orders will display but you can change the date range to display other completed orders.


  • Shows a map of the current orders

DispatchPro Orders Section 5

  1. Theme: You can choose different themes to display the map
    • Standard
    • Silver
    • Retro
    • Dark

     2.  Today: Date range filter

    • Today
    • Schedule
    • This Week
    • This Month
    • Custom

   3.  Filter: By status

    • Order In progress
    • Queued
    • Hold
    • Pending 
    • Completed

   4.  Displays the Filter selected in number 3.

   5.  Regions: By Regions

By Driver

  • Shows the orders by driver

DispatchPro Orders Section 6

  • Search:  Search for an order
  • Filter: by date range
    • Today
    • This Week
    • This Month
    • Custom
  • Columns: choose the columns to display on this view

If you have further questions, please reach out to us at support@blaze.me!