ECOM | ADA Compliance with AccessiBe.

This article will provide more info on installing and activating AccessiBe for ADA compliance on the ECOM Menu

ADA compliance in the cannabis industry is extremely important. It helps protect your business from lawsuits and provides access to customers with disabilities.
BLAZE ECOM has partnered with  accessiBewho handles ADA Compliance.

Please note that the accessiBe widget is provided for your convenience and as a courtesy only. While we have made efforts to provide the widget on the menu when the accessiBe account is activated, we cannot guarantee that the accessiBe widget will meet all of your needs for ADA compliance. We cannot be held liable for any issues related to the use of the accessiBe widget or its effectiveness in ensuring ADA compliance.

1. Sign Up through the accessiBe website and activate a paid account through the link below:
2. Drop your installation code into Google Tag Manager via these instructions. 

Here's what it will look like after it's installed:
image (30)

image (31)

Please reach out to if you have any questions.