ECOM | ECOM + Alpine IQ Reward Redemption

How to offer Alpine IQ rewards in your app and ecommerce checkout flow.

Step 1: Double check you've mapped your store and see it on the Retail store list

Settings > Retail Stores

If you need to add your store, click "Add Location" in the top right.

Step 2: Confirm your discounts are setup in Alpine IQ 

You should always use this dashboard to see the complete list of discounts available. 

  • Discounts set for all customers of your store that don't require loyalty points will be visible in your Tymber Mission Control Discounts tab (Shown in step 3) 
  • Otherwise, discounts are set for unique customer conditions and are only available to view on the Tymber side when a customer redeems it at checkout (Shown in step 4) 

Discount Stacking

Blaze POS Partners: There is a slider within each discount that you can turn on to allow the Alpine IQ discount to stack with applicable POS discounts 

  • Otherwise, AIQ discounts will not stack with POS discounts 

Other POS Partners: AIQ discounts do not stack with POS discounts 


Step 3: You can view the discounts made available for your entire customer group through the Tymber Mission Control 'Discounts' tab

*Reminder*  Deals will only pop up here if the they are enabled for all audiences and do not require loyalty point redemption 

Step 4: Customers select Redeem rewards in the Checkout to redeem eligible discounts.

Step 5: Customers can view their loyalty points and choose which of their rewards offers they want to apply.