ECOM | Category Low Inventory Thresholds

This article will cover how you can set a low inventory threshold for your product categories in Mission Control


You can utilize a low inventory threshold (LIT) to avoid having products show on the menu when they are out of stock.

  1. Login into Mission Control
  2. Go to Categories, then select the category you wish to set up a LIT for and select Edit

  3. You will notice a field for Low Inventory Threshold, there you will be able to set the low inventory threshold for that category.

When a product in that category reaches below the low inventory threshold that was set, that product will no longer be shown on the menu for customers to order.

*Please note, this will affect products that are categorized under active and inactive inventories in your POS. If you have a product that is not associated with any particular inventory, it will not sync with the LIT.