ECOM | How to clear your Wordpress Content Site Cache

This article will explain how to clear your Wordpress Content Site's Admin cache to update the ECOM menu version while integrated with the ECOM WP Plugin.

The ECOM WP Plugin is an integration between Wordpress content site and ECOM menu that is going to be deprecated in 2024 and all integrations to WP content sites will be through the ECOM DNS Proxy. The DNS proxy has many benefits, including SEO optimizations and performance stability.

  • If your ECOM is currently integrated through this WP Plugin, please reach out to to coordinate upgrading at no cost to the ECOM DNS Proxy.

For the ECOM menu version to be updated; a new WP Plugin Build Zip must be generated and uploaded on the ECOM side, then the Wordpress cache must be cleared in the WP Admin dashboard. Below are kb articles on commonly used Cache tools in Wordpress that explain how to complete this cache clearing.

WP Rocket -
Siteground -
Flywheel -
WP Engine -

Please note: This process is quick but does need to be coordinated with the ECOM Support team so there is zero downtime of your ECOM menu.

If technical support is needed, our team is happy to assist if access to your Wordpress Admin can be granted.

Please email with any questions or requests related to the above information.