Distro | Adding a Derived Product Batch

Derived products allow users to create a Manufactured product


1. To do so, navigate to the derived product in the Inventory section.

2. From there, click "Add Batch." You can fill out the relevant fields (see descriptions below).

  • Unique ID: BLAZE tracks each package individually. The Unique ID is an internal tracking number to BLAZE. You can create your custom ID (it has to be unique) or we will generate one for you after saving the product. 
  • Batch ID: The Batch ID field is used to track a batch ID from the manufacturer or Cultivator. 
  • Metrc Tag: The Metrc tag field is used to assign Metrc IDs to the newly generated derived product. 

3. The next step is to choose your Source Products. This is essentially selecting the products and their batches that will make up one unit of your derived product.

4. You will need to enter the quantity for that product and batch that represents 1 unit of your derived product.

  • For example, if you were to make a prepackaged 1/8th of BLAZE OG, you would select the product BLAZE OG, corresponding batch and enter the quantity of 3.5 grams.

5. From there, you can enter the total units you would like to create.

  • Our system will extrapolate the quantity needed to show it in the Total Deduct column.
  • BLAZE will also take the cost per unit for each product added to the derived product and add them together to give you a suggested Cost per Unit.
    • You can change this as you see fit.