Distro | Create Outgoing Transfers

Here you can create a Metrc transfer w/out first having to create an invoice.  To do so locate the Compliance tab on from the left side navigation menu. 


**As of right now, In order to add products to the outgoing transfer template, the inventory MUST be located in the SAFE** 

Choose Metrc Transfers 

Here in the Metrc Transfer tab, you will be able to create and send Metrc transfers by selecting the outgoing queue, as well as, receive Metrc transfers through the Incoming queue.


Select Outgoing

Here is where you can select New Transfer to create a new Metrc transfer and view any outgoing transfer history. 


Select New Transfer



Choose Transfer Type - Wholesale Manifest, Transfer, Return, State Authorized, Delivery Date and Delivery Time

Wholesale Manifest - This will be for unaffiliated licenses.
Transfer - This will be for the same licensees. ie (shop to shop transfers)
Return - Processing returns to the distributor.
State Authorized - Only used when advised by a state agency.


Use the Product Name and Batch ID drop-down menus to make those selections. Then input Shipping QTY and add an Outgoing METRC Tag. You can add multiple items to the Transfer Template by clicking +Add Product.

Product Name - Add an existing product from your shop
Batch ID - Select the batch 
Parent Metrc Tag - Auto populates after the batch is selected
Quantity - Auto-populate depending on the batch
Shipping Quantity -  Enter in the quantity being shipped
Outgoing METRC Tag - Scan, copy and paste, or manually enter the Outgoing METRC Tag


Template Name - This field will auto-populate 


Choose a Company Name and Contact Name for both the Shipper and Reciever. The Company Type, State License #, Address, Phone Number will auto-populate based on the information contained in the Company Profile. 


Choose a Driver Name from the drop-down to select a driver. Once a driver is chosen, the rest of the Driver Information fields will auto-populate based on the information contained within the Employee Profile. 


Verify the Shipping Address from the drop-down menu.


Click Save


Click Send To Metrc  


Once the transfer is sent to Metrc, complete the transfer in Metrc by following these steps: 

1. Log into your Metrc account.

2. Click the down arrow next to Transfers and select Templates.

3. The Metrc Transfer Template you just created will show here.

4. Locate the transfer template and click the Use button on the far right.

5. A New Licensed Transfer window will populate.

6. Fill in the necessary information and click the green Register Transfer button. The transfer will be sent to your recipient.