Distro | Creating a Metrc Transfer Template

BLAZE now makes processing transfers within Metrc easy! From Shipping Manifests, a template transfer can be created that is sent directly to the synced Metrc account. This saves time and decreases user error.

Creating a Metrc Transfer Template in BLAZE

1. Navigate to the Invoices section on the left-hand side. Either create a new Invoice or select an existing Invoice


2. On the desired Invoice, click the Shipping Manifest tab.


3a. If a Shipping Manifest does not already exist, click the orange Create Shipping Manifest button and fill in the mandatory fields: Driver Name and Actual Qty of each product. Click the orange Create button. 

NOTE: Other fields are optional, but useful to fill out. 


3b. If a Shipping Manifest already exists and is not yet finalized, move onto step 4.

4. Click the 3 vertical dots to finalize the Shipping Manifest.


5. Click Create Metrc Transfer Template to Create a Metrc Transfer Template within Metrc. 

NOTE: BLAZE will only create transfers for batches with Metrc tags.


6. Choose transfer type - Wholesale Manifest or Transfer


7. The Parent Metrc Tag field will be pre-populated with the Metrc tag assigned to the batch. The Outgoing Metrc Tag field will need to have a new tag entered that is different from the Parent MetrcTag. 

NOTE: If, and only if, the full batch qty is being transferred, the Outgoing Metrc Tag can be the same as the Parent Metrc Tag.


8. Once your Outgoing Metrc Tags have been entered. Click Bulk Create and you'll receive a Created message next to each entry. Then click Submit Template

Completing a Metrc Transfer Template in Metrc

1. Log into your Metrc account.

2. Click the down arrow next to Transfers and select Templates.

3. The Metrc Transfer Template you just created will show here.

4. Locate the transfer template and click the Use button on the far right.

5. A New Licensed Transfer window will populate.

6. Fill in the necessary information and click the green Register Transfer button. The transfer will be sent to your recipient. 

Congratulations! You've just created your first Metrc Transfer Template!