Distro | Creating a Test Sample

1. To create a test sample, navigate to the Batches page in the Inventory section.

2. Select a batch from the “Batch Received” tab.

3. From the Batch Detail page, click “Add Test Sample."

4. Enter the Test Sample ID if you have it. If not, you can enter this in once you have it.

5. Select the Testing Facility you are sending the sample to.

  • If the Test Facility doesn’t exist, navigate to the Companies section to add a Testing Facility company.

6. Enter the Submission date and the quantity of the sample.

7. Add a note to the Test Sample by clicking “Add Note."

8. Add an attachment to the Test Sample by clicking “Attach Document."

9. Click “Save."

10. By submitting a Test Sample, the batch is automatically moved to the “In Testing” phase of the batch.