Distro | Creating an Inventory Transfer

1. Navigate to the “Transfer Inventory” page in the Inventory section.

2. Click the “Create New Transfer” button.

3. Select a “To Shop."

  • NOTE: This will default to the current Shop you are working in.

4. Select the “From Inventory” and the “To Inventory."

5. From here, BLAZE provides you two ways to create your transfer: a) In a Bulk View with all products and batches visible OR b) Simple View were you build a list of products that you are working with.

6. In the “Transfer Amount” field, enter the amount you want to transfer.

7. When you are finished working on your transfer, click “Complete” to send the Transfer to a “Pending State." You can also click “Complete and Accept” to complete the transfer.

8. If you select “Complete," you or another user will need to accept the transfer under “Pending Transfer."