Distro | Handling Incoming Transfers

f you have incoming transfers within Metrc, you need to accept the transfers within 24 hours. When accepting your incoming transfer, ensure that the shipping manifest matches the transfer productsUIDs, and other details.

  • NOTE: Non-cannabis products like lighters, hoodies, etc do not need to be listed on the transfer nor manifest.

Once the transfer is accepted in Metrc, they need to be assigned to a BLAZE Batch either through the Compliance Intake Process, during the Receive Shipment phase of the PO, or assigning the UID/Metrc Label within each Product Batch Page

IF you've sold product for that UID/batch prior to accepting the Incoming Transfer into Metrc, then you will need to receive and reconcile the Package within Metrc to match the total of the batch in BLAZE.

When you do the package adjustment within Metrc, you will need to provide a reason code for the adjustment. It is recommended to use "Metrc transition period" as the reason. 

Once the manual adjustments on those packages are done, your BLAZE inventory and Metrc inventory should matchRepeat this process until all packages are caught up. 

As a final step, the "get quantity" feature in the BLAZE batch profile can be used to refresh the quantity in BLAZE.