Distro | How do I Convert a Package from Pounds to Grams Upon Intake?

When you intake a Metrc package into BLAZE, and the package in Metrc is in Pounds while the BLAZE product profile for this item is in grams, BLAZE will convert this for you.

First, you will need to manage your Weight Tolerances under settings to ensure the conversation is calculating correctly. Then you will receive the inventory in your Metrc account and intake to BLAZE. 

What you will find in this article:

How to Manage Weight Options in BLAZE for Conversions

1. Log into BLAZE using your email and password. 

2. Click  Annotation_2020-07-07_115843.png  in the top left corner of the page to open your Shop Settings.

3.  Navigate to Weight Tolerances found under Company Settings and click ADD TOLERANCE. Zf5Ro3GDi7.png

4. Complete the fields at the top of the page. 


Name: This is the name of the weight option. 

Start Range: This should be the same as your default value.

End Range: This should be the same as your default value.

Default Value: The weight equivalent in grams. 

Enabled: This should be toggled on.

5. Click SAVE when you are done to add the new weight option. 

Intake the Package to Convert it

1. Receive the manifest in Metrc. 

2. Log into BLAZE using your email and password. 

3. Navigate to the Compliance section on the left-hand side and click on the Metrc Packages tab.

4. Click Resync and all available Metrc packages should appear.Annotation_2020-08-03_132356.png

5. Click Intake next to the Metrc package you want to add to your BLAZE inventory. 

  • Note: If this is a new product that does not already exist in BLAZE, please create the product before intaking it.

6. Complete the Metrc Intake Packages pop-up. 


Label: This is the Metrc package tag.

Quantity: This is the package quantity in Metrc.

Metrc Product Name: This is the name of the item in Metrc.

Metrc Unit of Measurement: This shows the unit of measure for the package in Metrc.

Product: Choose the BLAZE product profile from the dropdown menu.

Batch: Choose if you want to add this package to a new batch or to an existing batch in BLAZE.

Product Unit of Measurement: This displays the unit of measure associated to the BLAZE product profile. 

Unit Cost: Enter the amount paid to the vendor for one unit of this product. 

Sell By: Enter the sell-by date. 

Expiration Date: Enter the expiration date. 

7. Click Accept to add the package to your inventory. 

Confirm the Conversion in BLAZE

In the example below, note the Metrc Quantity and Metrc Unit of Measure; this is the package detail from Metrc and will not be changed by converting in BLAZE.

The product you see here has a custom weight for the Product Unit of Measurement so we will need to check the product profile to find out exactly how much one unit weighs. 


Select Products under the Inventory section of the menu and navigate to the product profile. Scroll down and you will find the Custom Weight Value.Annotation_2020-08-03_135135.png

Now you will select the Batches tab from the top right of the product profile to find the Available Quantity in BLAZE. Annotation_2020-08-03_135135.png

To check the accuracy of the conversion you will take the Default Value for Pounds and multiply this by the Metrc Quantity, 2 Pounds. This gets you 907.18 grams and when divided by 3.5, the Custom Weight Value, you will get 259.19. If your result matches the Avalible Quantity the conversion is correct.  

Note: The example above is assuming that the Default Value for Pounds has been set to 453.59 grams.