Distro | How do I Create a Metrc Item?

In order to create new packages in Metrc, you must first enter your Metrc items. Make sure that you have added the strain for the items first.

There are two ways you can create a Metrc item. You can do this from your BLAZE account or from your Metrc account. We will go over both below. 

Creating a Metrc item in BLAZE

1. Log into your BLAZE account using your email and password.

2. From the menu click the Compliance section and select Metrc Items.

3. Click the Add New Item button in the top right corner of the page. 

4. Fill out the New Metrc Item window with the Blaze Product, Metrc Category,  and Metrc Strain.


5. Click Save at the bottom to add the new item to BLAZE and Metrc. 

Creating a Metrc item in Metrc

1. Log into Metrc using your email and password. 

2. Select the Admin button from the black ribbon at the top of the page and click Items


3. Click the Add Items button. 

4. Complete the Add Items pop-up window by filling out the Name, Category, Unit of Measure, Strain, and Unit Weight. 


5. Click the blue + button to add additional items and click Create Items when done. This item is now available in your Metrc account and will become available in BLAZE after the next sync.