Distro | How to Archive / Un-Archive a Batch

The purpose of this article is to outline the process and use-cases for archiving batches in the Distro platform.

Batch Archiving Benefits

  • De-clutter the user interface in multiple areas
  • The archived status will remove the batch from being available during a transfer, reconciliation, or printing labels

Batch Archiving Prerequisites 

  • The product has multiple batches
  • The batch has 0 quantity

How to Archive a Batch

1. To Archive a batch, simply navigate to the batches section of a product profile.



2. Click into the batch as if you are going to edit any of the information within. You will notice at the bottom of the screen, that there is an orange tile for "Archive." After you select "Archive," the status of that package will change from "Active" to "Archived."


How to Un-Archive a Batch

Once a batch has been archived, it can be reverted. Un-archive the batch by editing the batch and selecting "un-archive." This will allow you to reinstate the batch to make available for use.