Distro | Sales Order Overview

A sales order is an internal document created to confirm a purchase. Once the order and inventory are approved, an Invoice can be generated for payment from the sales order.



  • Distro > Settings > Current Shop Settings > Invoices & Orders > Sales Orders
    • Approval Required:  
      • Enabled will create Sales Orders in Draft Status
      • Disabled will create Sales Orders in Approved Status
    • Default Due Date (Days): Enter the number of business days in the future to calculate the due date



Accessing Sales Orders

The orders page opens a list that displays the current orders with the following information:

  • Status: Draft > Approved > Invoiced > Paid and / or Shipped > Complete
  • Customer: The company that placed the order
  • Created Date: The date the Sales Order was Created
  • Due Date: The due date for this Sales Order

You can also search for a sales order and select the columns to view.


NOTE:  The Status of Paid, Shipped, and Complete will be updated as the Invoice is processed.

To Begin, navigate to:

  • Distro > Sales > Orders



Set Columns to Display

  • Click on the Columns Icon on the right-hand side
  • Click on the column name to toggle a checkmark on the columns to display


Create a New Sales Order

  • Distro > Sales > Orders
  • Click on the +New Order button


  • Enter the information to create the Sales Order
    • Customer: Required. Select the customer from the drop-down list
    • Due Date: Required. Enter the due date or use the calendar icon to select the date
    • Click + Add Line Item for each Product that you need to add
      • Product: Select the product from the drop-down list
      • Qty: Enter the number of the products to order
      • Available Qty:  Displays the quantity that is available to be ordered
      • Rate: Enter the cost of the product
      • Amount: Displays the rate multiplied by the Qty ordered
      • Disk icon: Click the green icon to save this product
      • Trash Can Icon: Click the Red Trash Can icon to delete this product
      • Pencil Icon: Click the pencil icon to edit this line item
  • Click the Save button at the bottom to save this order


NOTE:  Each line item must be saved using the Disk Icon before creating a new line item.


Edit a Sales Order

NOTE:  You can only edit a Sales Order with DRAFT status. Check the Prerequisite if it is not in a Draft Status.

  • Distro > Sales > Orders
  • Click on the Check Box next to the order to edit
  • Click on the Actions Select Button
  • Click on the Edit Order option


  • Click the Pencil icon to edit a product
  • Click the Red Trash Can to delete a product
  • Invoice Date: Enter or select the Invoice Date
  • Click Save to save your changes


Approve a Sales Order

NOTE:  The Approve Order option will only display if Approval Required is enabled.  See Prerequisite

  • Distro > Sales > Orders
  • Click on the Check Box next to the order to Approve
  • Click on the Actions Select Button
  • Click on the Approve Order option


Delete a Sales Order

  • Distro > Sales > Orders
  • Click on the Check Box next to the order to Delete
  • Click on the Actions Select Button
  • Click on the Delete Order option
  • Click on the Confirm Button


Invoice a Sales Order

  • Distro > Sales > Orders
  • Click on the Check Box next to the order to Invoice
  • Click on the Actions Select Button
  • Click on the Invoice Order option



If you have further questions, please reach out to us at support@blaze.me!