ECOM | Driver's license & Selfie ID upload settings

This article will explain the driver's license required and selfie ID upload settings for delivery and pickup orders.

  1. Login to Mission Control click on the Settings Tab and select Pickup or  Deliveries.
  2. Delivery Checkout Driver's License Required toggled to Active will require a customer to upload a picture of their driver's license before placing the order.
    1. This setting is connected directly with the Point of Sale and if a customer has a valid driver's license in the system already, they will not be required to upload it again. 
    2. If launching a new site, all existing customers with valid driver's licenses in the POS will not be required to upload again.
  3. Delivery Checkout with Selfie ID Upload will require a customer to upload a selfie picture as well. This option can be set to Required, Optional, or Hidden. **Note: If the required setting is activated, ALL customers will be required to upload a selfie - both new and existing customers.
    1. If Hidden is selected, the Selfie ID Upload box will be removed altogether from the customer's view.

  4. Add Medical ID is an optional ID upload if you offer discounts for medical cannabis customers or are a medical cannabis store only.
  5. Customers may edit these uploaded images in their profile on the Personal Information section of My Account.

Additional Notes: A Medical ID image upload will supercede the Selfie image in the POS member profile.