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How to provide ECOM with Title Tag

A page title, also known as a title tag, is a short description of a webpage and appears at the top of a browser window and in SERPs. It is an important element of an optimized SEO page. A page title should include a page’s keyword in the title tag. While there is no character limit to a title tag, it is best practice to stay under 70 characters, which is the optimal length of a title that appears in Google SERPs (search engine result pages). The title tag is located within the <title> element of a page’s HTML.

Below are some articles that can assist with creating a page title:

Once you have created and implemented this page title, you will just need to send it to your Onboarding Manager to add to the ecommerce menu.


If you have an existing page title, you can find it by viewing the Page Source Code and searching for "Title".