Grow | Adding a Cultivation Area

This is the area(s) where the plants are growing. For most smaller single license sites, there will be one Cultivation Area.

For larger multi-licensed sites, there could be multiple Cultivation Areas. A cultivation area is the largest unit, which is then broken up into Zones and further into sub-zones. A Cultivation area could be a field, building, or greenhouse. Follow the steps below for a step-by-step guide to create a Cultivation Area. 

Add a Cultivation Area 

1. Navigate to the Grow section and click on the Cultivation Area tab. Click the green "Add Cultivation Area" button. 


2. A popup will appear. Enter in the Cultivation Area Name

  • It's suggested to name the area after the buildinggreenhouse, or field. A smaller site may only have one Cultivation Area.


3. To view, edit, or delete the Cultivation Area, click or hover over the 3 small dots next to the desired Cultivation Area. 

  • View: Views the plants in the Cultivation Area.
  • Edit: Edits the details of the Cultivation Area.
  • Delete: Deletes the Cultivation Area.