Grow | Harvesting Plants

Harvesting is the temporary stage after harvest weight has been recorded but before plants have been moved to a dry room. At this stage, you can also create packages of Fresh Plant for sale. 

Harvest batches can be viewed or edited in this section. 

Viewing Batch Details

To view the batch's specific information, hover over the desired batch. The following information will be displayed:

  • Batch: Internal BLAZE identifier for the group of plants in the planting/batch
  • Strain: The strain that is used for the batch
  • Group: Optional, can be used across multiple plantings for common actions (+ = add group)
  • Total Age: Based on the plant's birthdate and the current date
  • Room: The room the harvest is located in

Editing a Batch

To edit a batch, click the small 3 dots. The following options will appear:

  • Move to Drying: This moves the planting to the next stage in the process
  • Create Packages <--(click heading for detailed package creation walkthrough)
    • Select Weight Type
    • Select Product
    • Enter Actual Weight Per Unit 
    • Enter Quantity 
    • Enter Waste
    • Select Room
  • Add Note

    • Click the green + Add Note button
    • Enter Notes
    • Click the green Save Note button
  • Add Image

    • Click the green + Add Image button
    • Enter image by either clicking the grey box or dragging the image into the grey box
    • Click the green Upload Image button
  • History: This logs any changes made to the batch
    • New value: The change that was made
    • User: The user that implemented the change
    • Date / Time: The date and time the change was made


To read about the next stage in the process, Drying, click here