Grow | How do I Create a Product?

Product profiles contain specific details about this item. The product will need to be created before any inventory can be added. You will be able to locate specific details about each package you intake to this product profile.

It's important to note that some of this information is exchanged with Metrc so it is important to check that you have selected the correct category and that these have been mapped with the corresponding Metrc category for these products. To learn how to map your categories to Metrc categories click here. 



Creating Products in BLAZE Grow 

1. Log in to Grow sales using your email and password.

2. Select Inventory from the menu and click on Products.

3. Click the + New Product button.


4. Complete the Add Product window. 


Product Type: Regular (to learn how to enter bundles and derived products click here)

Product Name: Enter the name of your product. 

It is important to be consistent with your naming convention. It is recommended that the product name includes the following (when applicable):

  • Farm/Brand 
  • Strain/Flavor
  • Type (Bucked/Unbucked, Littles, Trim, Fresh Frozen, etc.)
  • Quantity and Unit of Measure 

Tip: Try to be as specific as possible while staying clear and concise! 

Example) HighVibe Farms Durban Poison Trim 448g  

Status: Select Active.

Note: A product with an Inactive status will not be available when creating invoices or purchase orders. 

Category: Select the appropriate Category for the product.

Note: To learn how to add and manage your product categories click here. 

Cannabis Type: Select the most appropriate Cannabis Type for this product. This will assist BLAZE in pulling relevant products when completing specific actions, such as packaging certain products. 

Unit Price: Enter the amount you will charge for one unit of this product. 

Flower Type: Select the appropriate Flower Type (IndicaSativaHybrid, or CBD) from the dropdown. 

SKU: Enter the SKU on the barcode to be able to use it when locating products.  

Sell Type: Select Medicinal, Recreational or, Both (Medicinal & Recreational) to determine the type of market this product is to be sold in. 

Weight Per Unit: Select the weight of one unit of this product from the dropdown. 

Note: It is strongly recommended that products are in grams. This will make things much easier on the licensee who is breaking down this product into smaller units further down in the supply chain.

Pounds create messy decimals and can make it much easier for licensees to accidentally become uncompliant by making entry errors.

To learn how to add and manage your weight options click here. 

Product Description: You have an option to add details about the product here to assist your staff with product knowledge or to save your observations. 

Attach Images: As shown below, you can drag and drop an image file to attach to the product. 


5. When you have completed the required fields above you will click Save to add this product to BLAZE.


6. After Creating a BLAZE Product, you will need to create a related Metrc Item for any cannabis products.