Grow | How do I Create a Strain (in BLAZE or Metrc)?

Creating your Metrc strains should be one of the first things entered when first setting up BLAZE Grow. This is because, in order to set up a plant, you need to first have defined strains to choose from. 

First, be sure to add your strain types! 

There are two ways you can create a Metrc strain. You can do this from your BLAZE account or from your Metrc account. We will go over both below. 

Creating a Metrc strain in BLAZE

1. Log into Grow Operations using your email and password.

2. From the menu click the Grow section and select Metrc Strains.

3. Click the Add New Strain button in the top right corner of the page. 


4. Complete the Strains pop-up window.


Strain Name: The name of the strain

Strain Type: The type of strain (i.e. indica, sativa, hybrid, CBD)

Yield: How much flower is produced per plant (High, Medium, Low)

Strain Source: Where the strain came from

Flower Period in Days: This value will be used to track the time to harvest when plants are moved into the flower cycle. (an average flower period is 50-60 days)

THC Level: The average potential THC produced by this strain.

CBD Level: The average potential CBD produced by this strain.

Indica Percentage: The biological percentage of the strain that is indica. 

Sativa Percentage: The biological percentage of the strain that is sativa. 

Cultivation Notes: Optional field for useful notes about the strain.

Characteristics: Optional field to enter lab results, strain expected effects, scent profile, etc.  

Note: To edit or add additional notes to the strain, click or hover over the 3 small dots next to the desired strain. Then click Edit or Notes to make modifications to the strain. 

5. Once you have entered the above, click Save Strain at the bottom to add the new strain to BLAZE and Metrc.

The above process is the preferred method as the Strain will be created in BLAZE with all additional data that Metrc does not store such as flower period. If you have a need to create a strain directly in Metrc and not in BLAZE you can follow the instructions below:

Creating a Metrc strain in Metrc

1. Log into Metrc using your email and password. 

2. Select the Admin button from the black ribbon at the top of the page and click Strains


3. Click the Add Strains button. 

4. Complete the Add Strains pop-up window by filling out the Name, Testing Status, THC, CBD, Indica to Sativa Ratio, and selecting the locations this strain will be created for. Annotation_2020-06-12_10363734.png

5. Click the blue + button to add additional strains and click Create Strains when done. This strain is now available in your Metrc account and will become available in BLAZE after the next sync.