Grow | How do I Manage BLAZE Weight Options?

In order to create your products, you will first need to set up your weight options. You will want to set an option for each possible Weight Per Unit needed for your catalog of products. 

Note: In order to make things simple on the licensees further along in the supply chain it is recommended that you always keep your unit/package weight in grams. This will allow the next licensee to easily divide up the package without messy decimals and conversion errors that may cause compliance issues. 

How to Manage Weight Options in BLAZE

1. Log into BLAZE using your email and password. 

2. Click  Annotation_2020-07-07_115843.png  in the top left corner of the page to open your Shop Settings.

3.  Navigate to Weight Tolerances found under Company Settings and click ADD TOLERANCE. Zf5Ro3GDi7.png

4. Complete the fields at the top of the page. Annotation_2020-07-07_120342.png

Name: This is the name of the weight option. It will appear in the Weight Per Unit drop-down menu when you are creating products. 

Start Range: This should be the same as your default value.

End Range: This should be the same as your default value.

Default Value: The weight of the unit in grams. 

Enabled: This should be toggled on to show in the drop-down menu. 

5. Click SAVE when you are done to add the new weight option.