Grow | Import Metrc Packages

BLAZE Grow Ops - Import Metrc Packages

This article will go over the steps of importing a Metrc Package into the Operations side of our Blaze Grow Platform. 
The video below will walk you through importing a Metrc Package step-by-step.


  • Begin by opening your Grow Location, then click on the Metrc tab to expand it


  • Inside the Metrc tab, click on the Packages tab


  • Click the green IMPORT button next to the package you want to import.


  • Complete the information for this package

    1. Source
    2. Pot
    3. Birth Date
    4. Strain
    5. Quantity
    6. Cultivation Area
    7. Zone
    8. Sub Zone
    9. Metrc Tag
  • Click on the SAVE PLANT button


  • Navigate to Grow > Board to see your imported packages in the Propagation Area.growmetrcpackpropagate.png