Grow | Processing Plants Overview

Processing the lifecycle of a batch from seed to processed inventory can easily be done in the Grow section. Click on the highlighted blue text to learn more about the specific section(s).

1. Propagation: Seeds or clones are planted in plantings/batches 

2. Vegetation: Plantings/Batches that are considered to be in the vegetation stage and have likely been transplanted from a pot/medium used for propagation. 

3. Flowering: When the light cycle has been changed to flower or an auto-flower variety begins to flower. 

4. Harvest: The process of harvesting the plants, prior to moving to the dry room. 

5. Drying: Plants are placed into an area for drying and the drying process occurs. 

6. Unprocessed Inventory: This is the bulk plant material after drying but prior to being processed into separate flower and leaf products. 

7. Processing: The process of creating flower and leaf product packages.