Grow Sales | How Do I Create a Metrc Item to Match my BLAZE Product?

In BLAZE you can create Products for more than just compliance. A product can be created for non-cannabis items such as Preroll Wrappers, Labels, O2 packs, and more. As a result, BLAZE does not automatically synchronize all Products to Metrc as Items.

To synchronize a Product to Metrc it must have a matching Metrc category. 

  • In BLAZE there is a hierarchy of Categories, Products, and Packages.
  • A Package is your finished good. It is made from a Product which is a definition such as: True OG Prerolls (1g). The Products are assigned to Categories which in this case would be Prerolls.
  • For cannabis categories, those categories have a corresponding Metrc Category to map your internal category to the pre-defined list in Metrc that is created by your state. 

Once you have a BLAZE Product you can synchronize this Product with Metrc to create a Metrc Item. 

Let's walk through this. 


1. First, you will want to synchronize Metrc categories with BLAZE as they periodically change. Go to Compliance > Metrc Category. This will initially be blank, hit Resync.

mceclip1 (2)-1


Wait 2-3 minutes and then refresh the web page. This step could take a bit depending on how quickly Metrc is operating. Once completed you will see the categories populated. 


mceclip2 (2)-1


2. Set up your BLAZE Category. Browse to Inventory > Manage Categories

mceclip0 (2)-2


3. Edit an existing category or create a new one.

mceclip1 (3)-1


4. Set up the Category Name as desired, choose a Category Type of Cannabis, then choose the corresponding Metrc Category:

mceclip2 (3)-1

4. Click Update to save changes.


5. Go to Inventory > Products and Edit your product.

mceclip3 (2)-1


6. Select the Category that you previously edited/created and is matched to Metrc. Click Save when complete. 

mceclip4 (2)


7. Navigate to Compliance > Metrc Item.

mceclip6 (1)-1


8. Choose the Product you want to use to create a Metrc item.

  • The category should autofill after selection.
  • If it is a Metrc category that requires a Strain, then an additional field for Strain will be presented.
  • Begin typing your strain name in this field to search.
  • Click Save. 


9. Your BLAZE Product has now been synchronized to Metrc to create a Metrc item.