Grow | Vegetation

Vegetation is the second part of the growing process. This is typically when individual plant tags are assigned for state compliance. Plantings can be viewed or edited in this section.

Viewing Planting/Batch Details

To view the planting's specific information, hover over the desired planting/batch. The following information will be displayed:

  • Batch: Internal BLAZE identifier for the group of plants in the planting/batch
  • Strain: The strain that is used for the planting/batch
  • Group: Optional, can be used across multiple plantings for common actions (+ = add group)
  • Plants: The number of plants in the planting/batch
  • Days Remaining: Based on the pot size and the flowering strain
  • Cultivation area: The cultivation area that the planting/batch is planted
  • Zone: The zone that the planting/batch is planted in
  • Sub Zone: The subzone that the planting/batch is planted in
  • State License: The state license that is applied to the planting/batch
  • Total Age: Based on the plant's birthdate and the current date
  • Container Size: The size of the container the planting/batch is in

Editing a Planting/Batch

To edit a Planting, click the small 3 dots. The following options will appear:

  • Move to Flowering: This moves the planting to the next stage in the growing process
  • Split Plants
    • Enter the quantity to split
    • Enter the Metrc tag, if applicable
    • Click the Split Plant button
  • Change Location
    • Select the Cultivation Area
    • Select the Zone
    • Select the Sub Zone
    • Enter the Metrc tag, if applicable
    • Click the green Change Location button
  • Add Note
    • Click the green + Add Note button
    • Enter Notes
    • Click the green Save Note button
  • Add Image
    • Click the green + Add Image button
    • Enter image by either clicking the grey box or dragging the image into the grey box
    • Click the green Upload Image button
  • View Plants: This will redirect you to view each individual plant and further actions such as moving plantssplitting plantsapplying additivesprinting labels can be taken.
  • Change Pots: If you use a growing medium in which you transplant (or up-pot) plants, then this option is used to change pots
  • History: This logs any changes made to the planting/batch
    • New value: The change that was made
    • User: The user that implemented the change
    • Date / Time: The date and time the change was made

To read about the next stage in the growing process, Flowering, click here