ECOM Mobile App | How to create Automation API Keys for Apple iOS

This article will explain how to generate Automation API Keys for Apple iOS in the Apple App Store Connect page

This must be completed by the user with Account Holder permissions.
  1. Log into Apple App Store Connect, go to My Apps and click Users and Access located in the header.
  2. Click the Keys tab and Request Access.
  3. Complete the prompts and click Generate API Key once request is approved (should be instantaneous).
  4. Enter Tymber Automation as the Name for the API key, assign Admin access and click Generate.
  5. Tymber will need the following information after the API key is created:
    1. Issuer ID
    2. Key ID
    3. API Key (Downloadable once)
      1. Please note: If the Download API Key does not appear, refresh the page, then return to the Keys tab. The download option should appear.
      2. Please send those three ID's to