ECOM | How To Merge Customer Profiles In Treez POS

This article will explain how to merge customer profiles in Treez

You need to merge the Treez profile that is not associated with the Tymber account into the Treez profile ID of the profile that is associated with the Tymber account. 


Step 1: Locate The Customer Profiles You Are Going to Merge

Customer Tab - Customer Management - Search for the customer profile (Top Right) - Select the Customer Profile 


Step 2: Locate Their Member IDs At The Top Of Their Profiles


Step 3: Go To The Advanced Configuration Tab

Configuration Tab - Advanced Configuration


Step 4: Enter The Member IDs Into The Merging Tool

Enter the Member ID you want to be deleted into the Duplicate Profile Membership ID slot and enter the Member ID you want to retain in the Target Profile Membership ID slot

Click the Permanently Merge Profiles button when you are ready to merge

Step 5: View Your Merged Profile 

Double check that the profile information has transferred over to your merged account. While the driver's license attachment will transfer over, you may need to reenter the driver's license number and expiration date in the Member section.