ECOM | How to utilize 'Renew in POS' for Inactive Customer error for Treez POS

This article will help to renew a customer's account if they are receiving an error message saying their account is inactive

  1. If a user experiences the inability to login due to an inactive account, the renew in POS feature can help to resolve the issue.
  2. This issue may occur on Treez POS instances specifically.
  3. The user profile in Treez must remain active in all locations in order for the user to be able to login.
  4. In Mission Control, using the ‘Renew in POS’ button for each location (must be done for all locations) must be used on the customer profile to update the customer profile in all locations.
  5. To do this, in Mission Control, go to Customers > Search for the Customer's Name > Renew in POS

  6. Make sure that this action is performed for all locations, if the retailer has multiple locations under one group.