Insights (Advanced) | Dashboard Graphics

Add pre-designed graphics to your dashboard by using the Graphic widgets. This allows you to add shapes, arrow lines, or icons, by choosing from a selection of widgets.


Graphic Widget types

  • Shapes:  Types of shapes that can be added to the canvas, such as a circle, or a square that you can expand, customize, and use as a border.
  • Lines:  Types of lines that can be added to the canvas, such as arrows.
  • Icons:  Types of icons that can be added to the canvas.

How to use Graphic Widgets

  • Click on the Graphics button on the left side of the screen, to expand its panel.
  • Expand any of the sections within the panel (such as shape, lines or icons) and drag the selected widget anywhere on the dashboard canvas.


  • You can customize a Graphic Widget via its properties panel. This panel appears on the right side once the widget is selected. 
  • You can also add an action event that will be triggered when this widget is clicked. 
  • Additional options are available by right-clicking and using the menu that appears. 

Graphic properties

The Graphic Widget properties can be used for customization. 

NOTE:  Properties differ slightly depending on the selected graphic widget type, that is shape, icon or line.  The Text properties description has definitions of each property.