ECOM | How to update the DNS settings for your domain to launch ECOM

This article will explain the DNS records needed to be updated in your domain's DNS settings to launch ECOM and the DNS records for your content site on Wordpress site.

Below are the DNS instructions for your domain to complete the ECOM launch.
DNS Instructions:
  • Set the @ A record for the root domain ROOT DOMAIN ( to
    • Remove any other @ A records related to the root domain( Other A record values (mx, content etc) can remain in place.
  • Set a CNAME record for the www version of the site to
  • If using a content subdomain for your content site set an A record for the content subdomain content.rootdomain to the IP provided by your content site hosting provider
After these records have been updated, send an email to and our team will issue the SSL certificate on the site.

Below are examples of what the DNS settings should look like in Google Domains and GoDaddy etc. This is also how your content subdomain will be set up if applicable

If you would like the ECOM team to facilitate the launch for you, please communicate this with your Onboarding Manager and refer to this knowledge base article on how to grant DNS access.