ECOM | Launching E-commerce menu on a subdomain

This article will explain what is needed to launch the ECOM menu on a subdomain associated with your final domain

  1. Select a subdomain for the e-commerce menu and send to your Onboarding Manager
    1. Example:
  2. Confirm the final menu url slug and send to your Onboarding Coach
    1. Example:
  3. Confirm a go-live date and time for the subdomain menu(s) with your Onboarding Coach
  4. At that date and time, you will just need to set the CNAME record to
    1. Type: CNAME
    2. Name: shop
    3. Value:
  5. The Onboarding team will then update the menu domain in the backend of the Blaze ECOM and the menu will be live.
  6. Any links pointing to the menu on the content site can be updated to that confirmed menu subdomain url.